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Date: Oct 10, 2012
“I had waited months, through the brutal heat of summer, before I was finally able to afford to have my Mini-split A/C installed in my production room, & the old adage is still true; You get what you pay for with CWP! For an artist on a tight budget, they were a little pricey, but I would soon find out; worth every penny, & they probably ended up saving me money in the long run. They came and did the install after a full technical evaluation, even popping the hood and testing the compressor. The installation was finished in a timely manner and well organized. Leo's team worked well together, and were good guys all around, & though they were welcome, I was smiling from ear to ear from the ice chilled breeze that was now blowing on my face after they left. I thought my experience was over. However a couple of days later, I came home and noticed a pool of oil underneath the compressor unit. There was a problem, and the next work day, Leo was there to find out what had gone wrong. It turned out to have been a manufacturing mistake that took a few days of operation to reveal itself. The guys loaded it on to their truck took it into their shop, and the next day it was back home, and working perfectly ever since. While the initial cost was a bit high for me, their professionalism at finding and diagnosing the manufacturing flaw, was second only to their skill in fixing it. Because I had already paid for a full install, Phillip (the owner I believe) was very gentle on the return visit and repair, and even worked with me at paying the new balance. Being a fairly skilled carpenter and mason, I will often tackle an electrical or plumbing problem myself with great success. However, a mini-split is a very intricate machine, and it takes a proper hvac professional. Out of those, there are only a handful that are as professional, friendly, and accommodating as the CWP crew. You will feel like you've made new friends when they have gone. I could not recommend them highly enough. J” ~ Jason P. - Whittier, CA