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Location of Job: Whittier CA
When: May 1, 2017
Service Category: Residential
Services Performed: PACE & Hero Energy Financing
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Brief Explanation

Not every central air conditioning system is the same. At least, they shouldn't be the same. Most of the AC systems in the country are designed the same: they perform effectively when the temperature is set to 80º F indoors.

This means they are inefficient when you set your temp above or below that temperature. And that costs you money.

Instead, CWP designs HVAC systems to meet California's standards. That is, most efficiency when the indoor temperature is set to 75ºF. Only by designing to these standards can you get the benefit of a great system, have it be energy efficient and still get you the customized system you need in this great state.

95% of all contractors don't do this for you, but luckily for you we are in the top 5%.

Finally, we also offer P.A.C.E. financing.

PACE stands for Property Assessed Clean Energy. It is a means of financing energy efficiency upgrade installations for residential, commercial and industrial property owners.

Basically, if we can make your house more efficient by getting you a new HVAC central air system, you can qualify.

Not only that, but we can help you get up to $3000 in rebates that might be available for you from Energy Upgrade California.

Don't let your concern about paying for a new central air system hold you back from being comfortable, let CWP make your home great today.

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central air financing
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Whittier, CA
Client Testimonial
These guys are great. They have serviced our house for the last two years and they have been incredibly kind, professional, and honest. Highly recommend them. ~ Mark T. - Whittier, CA

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