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We have received 29 Reviews, Averaging 5 Stars!

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A Heating Furnace Is Crucial To A Comfortable Home.

Tired Of Dealing With These Inconveniences?

  • Temperatures Drop Way Too Quick
  • Always Adjusting The Thermostat
  • Air Feels Like It's Not Moving At All
  • Waking Up To Extreme Temperatures
  • You're Heat's Dry And Exhausting

A Defective Heating Furnace Will Make You Cold

AND Impede Your Overall Air Flow.

We're The Best At Getting Furnaces Revving Hot Again!

Call For Our Assistance Today!

It's smooth and straightforward to set up an appointment with us

We seek to serve all of our customers' needs within 24-48 Hours of their call.

Additionally, we always seek to provide Same Day Service to all of our customers as well.

A Proper Working Furnace Is Key To Your HVAC System.


The People Behind CWP HVAC.

Meet Phillip (left) and Jay (right).

When you call CWP right now, you'll likely speak with Jay.

He'll answer any question that you may have about CWP and will likely set up an appointment time that works best for you as well.

Phillip is the Owner of CWP HVAC, and he loves interacting with customers now and again also.

Your Quality Heating Furnace Service.

We've been in the HVAC business for close to 3 DECADES, so we've seen just about everything that furnaces can throw at us.

We value the quality and honesty of all of our work, and we know that you will at some point as well.

The ★★★★★ Ratings that we've received from previous customers help attest to these values as well.

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We Excel At Heating Furnaces.

1. Certified by the National Comfort Institute. Every tech, every year.

2. We've helped 1,000’s of customers with their Heating Furnace Needs.

3. Nearly 30+ Years of Hands-On Experience in the HVAC business.

4. Combustion Analysis & Carbon Monoxide Testing.

5. Extensive Testing For Everyone's Safety.

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this isn

After Photo

swamp cooler installation whittier ca

Job Details

Location of Job: Whittier, CA
When: Jan 23, 2017
Service Category: Commercial
Services Performed: Swamp Cooler
Brief Explanation

This winter our neighbors realized that they needed to keep cool this year instead of roasting themselves and their customers this summer.

They called CWP HVAC and we did a full assessment of their property, including how many people would be using the area to be cooled, the volume of air to cool and other things like how much heat would be gained by the roof through being heated up by the sun. Designing a new cooling system isn't easy!

After making several suggestions, La Colmena opted for an evaporative cooler because it fit their needs exactly. Evaporative coolers are also called swamp coolers because they use water to create a cooling effect rather than freon or another refrigerant.

Swamp cooler installations only work in drier climates like the Southwest.

Anyway, they chose a new Phoenix swamp cooler and after making sure it works great, our neighbors have been enjoying a cool environment ever since. So have their customers!

Before Photos

air conditioner repair contactor replacement cerritosair conditioner repair cerritos CA outdoor fan replacement

After Photo

ac repair cerritos

Job Details

Location of Job: Cerritos, CA
When: Apr 3, 2017
Service Category: Residential
Services Performed: Replaced Outdoor Motor Fan & Contactor
Brief Explanation

When your air conditioner breaks down, life becomes pretty uncomfortable fast. That's when you call the HVAC guy.

Kent called us because his air conditioner needed repair in the city of Cerritos. He noticed it wasn't working when a couple of hot days came and though he turned on the AC, it didn't really work.

CWP HVAC came out to his house and immediately we could see that the AC wasn't working for a very specific reason: the contactor and outdoor fan motor were worn out! Although this isn't a common problem with air conditioners, it does trip the circuit causing the AC to not work.

How We Fixed The AC

When the contactor wears out, the only ac repair left is to replace the part with a new one. We did so and also checked for any other potential problems with the AC unit. We then replaced the outdoor fan motor and contactor and the air conditioner has been working ever since.

A couple of days later, we followed up with a visit to ensure that the air conditioner is still working properly. We do this second verification with all of our customers to ensure they have a great experience! Aren't you ready to get your air conditioner repaired?

Recent Reviews


Whittier, CA

Date: Sep 7, 2017
I needed some repairs done on my air conditioning, I called a couple of different places in the area and CWP was the only company to return my call. They sent a technician out and fixed the problem within 3 hours. I strongly recommend CWP, they were very professional and prompt. I am a happy customer, and will use them again.

"Very Professional & Prompt"

Services Provided
AC Repair

Christina Lay

Whittier, CA

Date: Aug 20, 2017
Loved the friendly, honest advice I received from the service men that came to my home. It's rare now a days to find an honest, reliable company. I highly recommend this company!!!!

"Honest, Reliable Company"

Luz Corral

Whittier, CA

Date: Aug 13, 2017
I called CWP to fix my furnace, once it was fixed they determined my furnace was producing low levels of carbon monoxide. Bottom line, I decided to replace my furnace. They did a great job replacing my system and I qualified for $3000 incentives. Thank you for your great work.

"Great Work"

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Choose Us And You Could Receive...

Up To $3,000 Cash Back!

If you decide on a qualifying energy-efficient unit for your next installation, you could be eligible to get a Cack-Back Rebate of up to $3,000!

The people behind this rebate program are Energy Upgrade California.

The initiative of this special offer come about was in order to better incentivize homeowners to Go-Green by purchasing units that are more energy efficient overall and more sustainable in the long run.

Want to learn more information about how you could qualify for this program with your next HVAC installation?

Then Give Us A Call Today!

A Faulty Furnace Can Be Dangerous!

Don't Take Chances When It Comes To Safety.

Our Safety Checks Are THE Best.

Contrary to popular belief, not all Carbon Monoxide detectors are the same. Some HVAC businesses only use detectors that alert at 70 ppm (parts per million) after 1-4 hours and display at 30ppm and protect mainly healthy adults from the harmful effects of CO.

We, however, use low-level CO monitors that alert at 15ppm after 5 minutes and display at 5ppm.

At these set alert levels, everyone is protected. Infants, children, teenagers, adults, seniors, and the poor in health.

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning is a serious health hazard that leads to the early demise of over 200+ people in the US every year. Our testings help to ensure that you and your loved ones don’t become a statistic.

Call Today To Get The Cold Away!

We're Whittier's Go-To Heating Furnace Service.

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Text Us: (562) 203-3382

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C.W.P. Heating & Air

12200 East Washington BLVD Whittier, CA 90606


In addition to Heating Furnace Repairs & Installations, we also do:

- Air Conditioning Repairs

- Air Conditioning Installations

- Residential Servicing

- Commercial Servicing

- Ductwork

- Trouble Shooting

- And Etc.

Yet, we NO LONGER conduct duct or vent cleanings.


1. Should a Combustion Analysis be Done After a Furnace Repair?


Yes, it should indeed.

Once a furnace has recently been repaired, testing for any potential Carbon Monoxide leakage and overall system performance is a standard practice that, ideally, should always be conducted after a repair.

2. What Goes Into A Combustion Analysis?


Combustion analysis is performed and used to access:

* A furnace's fuel efficiency and how to increase it.

* Examine and test the equipment to ensure it's safe.

* Refer back to the system's manufacturer guidelines in case anything is out of place.

* And mainly, to determine what amounts, if any, of undesired emissions are being produced.

Carbon monoxide is a hazardous, poisonous gas that's odorless, extremely flammable, and if breathed in for long periods of time, will lead to flu-like symptoms and potentially even death!

3. Can we check for Carbon Monoxide if your furnace isn’t working?


No, we cannot actually.

A furnace needs to be fully operational in order to conduct an effective Carbon Monoxide check and test.

While a quick visual inspection can be conducted based on the heat exchanger and firebox, this visual check is not effective for discovering or knowing if there are cracks present in hard to see areas on the unit.

4. When Should You Get A Carbon Monoxide Test?


These tests should be done:

- Once a new furnace has finished being installed.

- When a furnace has just been repaired.

- And if a low-level Carbon Monoxide detector alerts you to the presence of the dangerous gas.

5. How Are We The Best At What We Do?


Here at CWP, ALL of our HVAC technicians are Certified by the National Comfort Institue (the standard for all reputable HVAC contractors and technicians.)

Additionally, we pride ourselves on being:

1 - CO & Combustion Analysis Certified

2 - Commercial & Residential Balancer Certified

3 - Energy Star Approved Contractors

4 - Economizer Certified