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A Heating Furnace Is Crucial To A Comfortable Home.

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A Defective Heating Furnace Will Make You Cold

AND Impede Your Overall Air Flow.

We're The Best At Getting Furnaces Revving Hot Again!

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Your Quality Heating Furnace Service.

We've been in the HVAC business for close to 3 DECADES, so we've seen just about everything that furnaces can throw at us.

We value the quality and honesty of all of our work, and we know that you will at some point as well.

The ★★★★★ Ratings that we've received from previous customers help attest to these values as well.

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5. Extensive Testing For Everyone's Safety.

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Before Photos

old asbestos flue pipe

After Photo

asbestos furnace flue repair whittier new pipe 2

Job Details

Location of Job: Whittier, CA
When: Aug 3, 2017
Service Category: Residential
Services Performed: Installed 4" double wall flue pipe
Brief Explanation

We want to make sure our customers are safe and healthy. One concern some of our customers in older homes have is exposure to asbestos. Asbestos was used in home constructing material because it was cheap and known to resist heat and fire. Before 1980, venting flue pipes for furnaces contained this material.

Why Remove Asbestos?

Asbestos fibers can cause severe irritation in your lungs and over time will even cause cancerous cell growth. It's not a material you want to be exposed to and one that has been banned from construction purposes.

The combustion products generated by a furnace—such as CO, CO2 and methane—exit the home through a flue pipe.  Old pipes were composed of asbestos because of it's fire resistance.However, overtime, the heat from the furnace can cause asbestos to become friable which can cause asbestos fibers to become airborne. Asbestos is no longer used in venting flues.

We Fixed This Furnace Flue Asbestos Problem

A local customer was worried about being exposed to the asbestos fibers. She called CWP and we went to the home and inspected the furnace system, including the flue. A new flue was indeed needed.

We removed the old flue, carefully, and then CWP installed a new double walled 4" flue pipe. Not only will the home be free from any asbestos fibers but the new flue pipe will also prevent any CO, from the combustion process, from staying in the residence.

Before Photos

hvac whittier ca cwp havc air conditioningIMG_20160527_162644031_HDR-768x1024-768x1024

After Photo

Trane XB80 80% AFUE furnace

Job Details

Location of Job: South Whittier, CA
When: Jul 5, 2017
Service Category: Residential
Services Performed: Installed Trane 14 SEER XR14 condenser and XB80 80% furnace
Brief Explanation

Old Air Conditioners

When your AC Unit get old, sometimes you can fix it, sometimes you just need to replace it. Our customer called us with a refrigerant leak. Her AC unit refused to blow cold air and there was a break in the line. So we explained the options:

"Fix it" for a ton of money and we couldn't even supply the old refrigerant without breaking her budget or the environment, or "Replace it".

Our customers are pretty wise, and she was no exception and opted to replace her old AC with a brand new Trane.

"It's Hard To Stop A Trane®"

The old air conditioner was using R-22 refrigerant. These days, almost everything has switched to R-410a refrigerant. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is setting a plan to stop the production of R-22 refrigerant completely because of its effects on the ozone layer.

Since our customer was in need of air conditioning, and outdated refrigerant pricing is very high, we recommended a new Trane 2 ton split system along with the financing options we have. A split system means a ventilation system that supplies both heating and cooling through the same blower.

She was familiar with one of the California-run financing programs we have because she has done other home projects through the program.

We helped her through the application process and she was approved within minutes and she was able to use her account immediately.  By helping her through this process, we were able to install the new Trane air conditioner quickly (she lives in South Whittier, not far from our offices) and get her home cooled.

She is now enjoying a cool home in this hot summer and this new Trane air conditioner will not only save her money, but will certainly last her another 15-20 years. Especially if she has us come out and test and service it every year!

La Habra Heights, CA

AC Repair in La Habra Heights

Before Photos

ac-repair-la habra heights-before-1024x576ac-repair-la habra heights-before-1024x576

After Photo


Job Details

Location of Job: La Habra Heights, CA
When: Jun 14, 2017
Service Category: Residential
Services Performed: Replaced capacitor, contactor, and ran new wiring
Brief Explanation

Why AC Repair in La Habra Heights Needs Inspection

When we are called to fix an air conditioner, we never know what we're going to get. As any good HVAC repair tech knows, an ac unit could break down because of faulty wiring, a capacitor, or compressor or a hundred other things. Indeed, we had a mouse once short out an air conditioner!

So we inspect. Every. Air. Conditioner.

Even if we think we know what the problem is.

Faulty Parts Are Common

Capacitors are a common cause of air conditioning breakdowns. A capacitor is similar to a battery. It stores a set amount of energy like a battery, but unlike a battery, it is released all at once.

The sudden jolt of power is what starts a motor. Capacitors are also used to continuously send jolts to keep a motor running. They work with the compressor, the blower motor, and the outside fan in your air conditioner. A weak capacitor puts unnecessary stress on the motor and compressor. Extra stress causes overheating or will make it so the AC unit won't start at all. That will shorten the lifespan of your AC's motor and compressor.

Another common part to break down over time is the contact switch. They let the electricity flow through the contacts and power the unit. A bad switch or contact can cause significant harm to your air conditioner’s compressor. It can cause your compressor to continually run even after the thermostat is satisfied and the rest of the system shuts down.

Bad Contactor, Bad Capacitor

Our HVAC repair technician found all the signs of a failed contactor and capacitor. By thoroughly examining the unit, he found other potentially threatening problems as well.  He found that the wiring had been burnt and it was in terrible shape. This was definitely something a trained HVAC technician needs to handle.

After diagnosing the AC repair in La Habra Heights, our tech replaced the faulty parts, rewired the unit with fresh wires and then tested the AC unit's repair to make sure that it was all good. We even return and do a special test when needed to make sure the appliance if functioning properly after some "settling" time.

CWP HVAC The Experts.

We are really pleased that this repair in La Habra Heights turned out so well. To keep it that way, we consistently  receive training on all things related to HVAC repair. That way we can better guarantee our work and help you get the best service and repairs you can get.

Call us about your AC repair, whether you are in La Habra Heights or anywhere else!

Before Photos

ac maintenance whittier iced up filter & coil

After Photo

ac maintenance newly cleaned filter

Job Details

Location of Job: Whittier, CA
When: Jun 8, 2017
Service Category: Commercial
Services Performed: Air conditioning maintenance
Brief Explanation

We cannot stress this enough: regular maintenance on your ac unit is extremely important!

Again: AC maintenance is important!

The AC Maintenance Story:

Although we service a lot of residential units, we are definitely a commercial air conditioning company as well. A company called us complaining that their AC unit wouldn't turn on.

Since summer is coming and the heat is going up, this can be a problem out here in southern California. We dispatched a technician for same-day service. (We try to get everybody served on the same day and we succeed 99% of the time!)

Anyway, we train our technicians to give ac system maintenance inspections before they ever start working on the air conditioners simply because this way they'll know really what all the potential problems are. On this day, the tech found out that the ac unit had frozen up.


There had not been any ac maintenance done on this unit in years, it seemed, and the filter was found so dirty and clogged that it was restricting air flow to the unit and thus caused the evaporator coil to freeze up and accumulate ice buildup all over it. The customer's cooling was all going there!

This ice buildup basically turned the evaporator coil into the air filter. Not a good sign on any air conditioner.

The AC Maintenance Solution

The solution to this problem is in removing and cleaning the evaporator coil and replacing the filter. That is no simple task. Indeed, the labor can be rather extensive because the coils are often indoors and difficult to reach. They are just plain hard to get to for regular ac maintenance. That's probably what the customer thought, too.

Luckily for us, this was an entire rooftop package unit. That means all the parts were on the outside of the building with relatively easy access. We were able to quickly get everything in good working order again.

As you can see, dirty evaporator coils lead to freezing temperatures... in the wrong place! Low air flow and low efficiency are also clear results from improper maintenance.

Now that customer has us on a regular maintenance schedule so that larger, more expensive, problems an be addressed before they ever get to be larger and more expensive.

As the old saying goes: an ounce of prevention saves a ton of work and headache on the ac maintenance guys later on!

So... let's get your ac unit or furnace scheduled for annual or semi-annual maintenance today!

Before Photos

air conditioner repair laguna niguel Damaged rubatex for refrigerant line-sets

After Photo

air conditioner repair Installed new rubatex insulation and cover for line-set

Job Details

Location of Job: Laguna Niguel
When: May 24, 2016
Service Category: Commercial
Services Performed: Replaced line-set insulation and installed line-set cover
Brief Explanation

The AC unit at a local Church Of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints building in Laguna Niguel, CA was broken and didn't provide any sort of cooling for the church. Their meetings were extremely hot and must have resembled more of a sauna than an actual worship service.

After a few insufferable meetings with nothing but heat and people sweating, they contacted CWP HVAC to see what needed to be done to the AC unit. The choice would ultimately be between replacing the AC unit (which would be expensive) or repair the ac unit.

Not wanting to leave this congregation without a functioning AC unit, we quickly sent out one of our best technicians to see if there was any hope left for the air conditioner. Our technician was able to find out that a replacement was not needed. A simple air conditioner repair would suffice.

The church was happy to hear that the repair was going to be simple & quick and that they didn't need to replace the whole air conditioner.

Our technician was able to easily repair the air conditioner by replacing the rubatex covering the refrigerant lines. The old one was damaged due to long exposure to heat.

The people of the church in Laguna Niguel, CA can now enjoy their meetings with a fully repaired air conditioner.

Contact us at CWP by calling (562) 203-3382 to get your quote and your AC unit repaired.

Before Photos

furnace repair ontario california 2

After Photo

furnace repair ontario california

Job Details

Location of Job: Ontario, CA
When: May 8, 2017
Service Category: Residential
Services Performed: Furnace Repair
Brief Explanation

We repair a lot of furnaces. Really, we do, even though we are known more for the air conditioning installs and repairs we work on.

Sometimes a furnace is broken because of a failed part, occasionally because of a faulty installation in the first place, and rarely because of damage done to the furnace because of... er, interference. The story here, which is fairly common, is about a failed part.

This customer called us because he was getting annoyed and concerned about a loud sound that was coming from his heating unit when he turned on the heat. He has a rooftop package unit that was disconcerting as the noise reverberated throughout the entire house, sounding like someone hitting his roof with a hammer each time he needed to get warm!

When we arrived, he demonstrated the noise and we got to work right away. Since it happens occasionally, the tech had his suspicions as to what was causing the noise from his furnace. Soon enough, he found the bad ignition module that was causing all the ruckus.

We replaced the ignition module and installed a new retro-fit kit which stopped the noise, but we went a step further than most HVAC companies do when repairing a furnace, we performed a combustion safety test. This test assures us that the unit doesn't leak any carbon monoxide and that is safe to operate.

Your safety is a top priority for our heating and cooling company and we continuously strive to show that by performing these tests that make sure you are being taken care of.

Our technicians have the right tools and equipment and more importantly, the right training, to provide quality furnace repair service!  We also make sure we keep their trucks stocked with plenty of parts.

We put the finishing touches on this job by installing a new thermostat and carbon monoxide detector. That way our customer will be safe and warm for years to come.

Will you call us today to get your furnace repaired... today?

Before Photos

central air design

After Photo

central air financing

Job Details

Location of Job: Whittier CA
When: May 1, 2017
Service Category: Residential
Services Performed: PACE & Hero Energy Financing
Brief Explanation

Not every central air conditioning system is the same. At least, they shouldn't be the same. Most of the AC systems in the country are designed the same: they perform effectively when the temperature is set to 80º F indoors.

This means they are inefficient when you set your temp above or below that temperature. And that costs you money.

Instead, CWP designs HVAC systems to meet California's standards. That is, most efficiency when the indoor temperature is set to 75ºF. Only by designing to these standards can you get the benefit of a great system, have it be energy efficient and still get you the customized system you need in this great state.

95% of all contractors don't do this for you, but luckily for you we are in the top 5%.

Finally, we also offer P.A.C.E. financing.

PACE stands for Property Assessed Clean Energy. It is a means of financing energy efficiency upgrade installations for residential, commercial and industrial property owners.

Basically, if we can make your house more efficient by getting you a new HVAC central air system, you can qualify.

Not only that, but we can help you get up to $3000 in rebates that might be available for you from Energy Upgrade California.

Don't let your concern about paying for a new central air system hold you back from being comfortable, let CWP make your home great today.

Before Photos


After Photo


Job Details

Location of Job: Whittier
When: Apr 21, 2017
Service Category: Commercial
Services Performed: Replaced filter dryer and 1/2 hp, 1075 rpm, outdoor fan motor
Brief Explanation

Air conditioning is important for most people in California so, it's not uncommon to receive one or two calls regarding air conditioners that in need of repair.

A local of Whittier, CA decided to contact us about their air conditioning unit. The air conditioning unit didn't seem to be working correctly, it didn't seem to be cooling at all.

Our technician was fast on the call. Once our technician arrived at the location he gave the air conditioning unit a thorough inspection. What he found, after the inspection was that the filter on this unit was completely clogged and the outdoor fan motor was running too high on amps and needed to be replaced.

He was able to replace the filter with a clean new one and the motor for the fan, to lessen a number of amps the motor uses.

We also repair any other type of HVAC unit. We will be more than happy to repair your HVAC unit for you, just contact us so you can enjoy your home once again.


Before Photos

furnace repair whittier flex pipe

After Photo

furnace repair whittier black pipe

Job Details

Location of Job: Whittier, CA
When: Apr 24, 2017
Service Category: Residential
Services Performed: Replaced gas flex with hard pipe
Brief Explanation

In the past, many furnace gas valves were connected to a flexible gas connector. Now code requires a more durable structure. We repaired this furnace in Whittier to bring it up to code for these clients.

The building code requires that installers place a black pipe from the gas valve to the exterior of the furnace cabinet.  Although it sounds odd at first, it is a safety measure that makes sense.

You see, any vibration from the startup of a furnace can cause the connector to rub against other metal parts.

In time this will cause a leak. Leaks from gas furnaces  are especially dangerous because they are combustible and full of carbon monoxide.

Although this is a simple furnace repair here in Whittier, this code is required in most southern California cities now. If your furnace isn't up to code, or you suspect something may be wrong with it, call CWP today.

We can schedule routine maintenance and inspections with follow-up to ensure you have a repaired furnace and will be safe in your home!


Before Photos

this isn

After Photo

swamp cooler installation whittier ca

Job Details

Location of Job: Whittier, CA
When: Jan 23, 2017
Service Category: Commercial
Services Performed: Swamp Cooler
Brief Explanation

This winter our neighbors realized that they needed to keep cool this year instead of roasting themselves and their customers this summer.

They called CWP HVAC and we did a full assessment of their property, including how many people would be using the area to be cooled, the volume of air to cool and other things like how much heat would be gained by the roof through being heated up by the sun. Designing a new cooling system isn't easy!

After making several suggestions, La Colmena opted for an evaporative cooler because it fit their needs exactly. Evaporative coolers are also called swamp coolers because they use water to create a cooling effect rather than freon or another refrigerant.

Swamp cooler installations only work in drier climates like the Southwest.

Anyway, they chose a new Phoenix swamp cooler and after making sure it works great, our neighbors have been enjoying a cool environment ever since. So have their customers!

Recent Reviews


Whittier, CA

Date: Sep 7, 2017
I needed some repairs done on my air conditioning, I called a couple of different places in the area and CWP was the only company to return my call. They sent a technician out and fixed the problem within 3 hours. I strongly recommend CWP, they were very professional and prompt. I am a happy customer, and will use them again.

"Very Professional & Prompt"

Services Provided
AC Repair

Christina Lay

Whittier, CA

Date: Aug 20, 2017
Loved the friendly, honest advice I received from the service men that came to my home. It's rare now a days to find an honest, reliable company. I highly recommend this company!!!!

"Honest, Reliable Company"

Luz Corral

Whittier, CA

Date: Aug 13, 2017
I called CWP to fix my furnace, once it was fixed they determined my furnace was producing low levels of carbon monoxide. Bottom line, I decided to replace my furnace. They did a great job replacing my system and I qualified for $3000 incentives. Thank you for your great work.

"Great Work"

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If you decide on a qualifying energy-efficient unit for your next installation, you could be eligible to get a Cack-Back Rebate of up to $3,000!

The people behind this rebate program are Energy Upgrade California.

The initiative of this special offer come about was in order to better incentivize homeowners to Go-Green by purchasing units that are more energy efficient overall and more sustainable in the long run.

Want to learn more information about how you could qualify for this program with your next HVAC installation?

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A Faulty Furnace Can Be Dangerous!

Don't Take Chances When It Comes To Safety.

Our Safety Checks Are THE Best.

Contrary to popular belief, not all Carbon Monoxide detectors are the same. Some HVAC businesses only use detectors that alert at 70 ppm (parts per million) after 1-4 hours and display at 30ppm and protect mainly healthy adults from the harmful effects of CO.

We, however, use low-level CO monitors that alert at 15ppm after 5 minutes and display at 5ppm.

At these set alert levels, everyone is protected. Infants, children, teenagers, adults, seniors, and the poor in health.

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning is a serious health hazard that leads to the early demise of over 200+ people in the US every year. Our testings help to ensure that you and your loved ones don’t become a statistic.

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C.W.P. Heating & Air

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In addition to Heating Furnace Repairs & Installations, we also do:

- Air Conditioning Repairs

- Air Conditioning Installations

- Residential Servicing

- Commercial Servicing

- Ductwork

- Trouble Shooting

- And Etc.

Yet, we NO LONGER conduct duct or vent cleanings.


1. Should a Combustion Analysis be Done After a Furnace Repair?


Yes, it should indeed.

Once a furnace has recently been repaired, testing for any potential Carbon Monoxide leakage and overall system performance is a standard practice that, ideally, should always be conducted after a repair.

2. What Goes Into A Combustion Analysis?


Combustion analysis is performed and used to access:

* A furnace's fuel efficiency and how to increase it.

* Examine and test the equipment to ensure it's safe.

* Refer back to the system's manufacturer guidelines in case anything is out of place.

* And mainly, to determine what amounts, if any, of undesired emissions are being produced.

Carbon monoxide is a hazardous, poisonous gas that's odorless, extremely flammable, and if breathed in for long periods of time, will lead to flu-like symptoms and potentially even death!

3. Can we check for Carbon Monoxide if your furnace isn’t working?


No, we cannot actually.

A furnace needs to be fully operational in order to conduct an effective Carbon Monoxide check and test.

While a quick visual inspection can be conducted based on the heat exchanger and firebox, this visual check is not effective for discovering or knowing if there are cracks present in hard to see areas on the unit.

4. When Should You Get A Carbon Monoxide Test?


These tests should be done:

- Once a new furnace has finished being installed.

- When a furnace has just been repaired.

- And if a low-level Carbon Monoxide detector alerts you to the presence of the dangerous gas.

5. How Are We The Best At What We Do?


Here at CWP, ALL of our HVAC technicians are Certified by the National Comfort Institue (the standard for all reputable HVAC contractors and technicians.)

Additionally, we pride ourselves on being:

1 - CO & Combustion Analysis Certified

2 - Commercial & Residential Balancer Certified

3 - Energy Star Approved Contractors

4 - Economizer Certified