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hvac whittier ca cwp havc air conditioningJay-and-Phil

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Also, we will test your heating unit for high amounts of carbon, to make your air cleaner and safer.

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Before Photos

After Photo

Job Details

Location of Job: Whittier
When: Jul 19, 2017
Service Category: Residential
Services Performed: Replaced six supplies with R-8 flex ductwork
Brief Explanation

Ductwork is responsible for moving the cooled or heated air thoughtout your home. A well designed duct system will keep your home at an even temperature and maximize your system’s efficiency. However, ducts can get damaged. They also can be connected incorrectly. Air can be lost through holes, leaks, or vents. For a homeowner in Whittier, we replaced, sealed, and patched all her ductwork. The customer can now feel more comfortable in her home and even save on her utility bill. Our technicians will make sure that your ducts are sized correctly and even determine how much air is leaking out of your duct system. Call us today to have us inspect your ductwork.


Before Photos

old asbestos flue pipe

After Photo

asbestos furnace flue repair whittier new pipe 2

Job Details

Location of Job: Whittier, CA
When: Aug 3, 2017
Service Category: Residential
Services Performed: Installed 4" double wall flue pipe
Brief Explanation

We want to make sure our customers are safe and healthy. One concern some of our customers in older homes have is exposure to asbestos. Asbestos was used in home constructing material because it was cheap and known to resist heat and fire. Before 1980, venting flue pipes for furnaces contained this material.

Why Remove Asbestos?

Asbestos fibers can cause severe irritation in your lungs and over time will even cause cancerous cell growth. It's not a material you want to be exposed to and one that has been banned from construction purposes.

The combustion products generated by a furnace—such as CO, CO2 and methane—exit the home through a flue pipe.  Old pipes were composed of asbestos because of it's fire resistance.However, overtime, the heat from the furnace can cause asbestos to become friable which can cause asbestos fibers to become airborne. Asbestos is no longer used in venting flues.

We Fixed This Furnace Flue Asbestos Problem

A local customer was worried about being exposed to the asbestos fibers. She called CWP and we went to the home and inspected the furnace system, including the flue. A new flue was indeed needed.

We removed the old flue, carefully, and then CWP installed a new double walled 4" flue pipe. Not only will the home be free from any asbestos fibers but the new flue pipe will also prevent any CO, from the combustion process, from staying in the residence.

Before Photos

furnace repair ontario california 2

After Photo

furnace repair ontario california

Job Details

Location of Job: Ontario, CA
When: May 8, 2017
Service Category: Residential
Services Performed: Furnace Repair
Brief Explanation

We repair a lot of furnaces. Really, we do, even though we are known more for the air conditioning installs and repairs we work on.

Sometimes a furnace is broken because of a failed part, occasionally because of a faulty installation in the first place, and rarely because of damage done to the furnace because of... er, interference. The story here, which is fairly common, is about a failed part.

This customer called us because he was getting annoyed and concerned about a loud sound that was coming from his heating unit when he turned on the heat. He has a rooftop package unit that was disconcerting as the noise reverberated throughout the entire house, sounding like someone hitting his roof with a hammer each time he needed to get warm!

When we arrived, he demonstrated the noise and we got to work right away. Since it happens occasionally, the tech had his suspicions as to what was causing the noise from his furnace. Soon enough, he found the bad ignition module that was causing all the ruckus.

We replaced the ignition module and installed a new retro-fit kit which stopped the noise, but we went a step further than most HVAC companies do when repairing a furnace, we performed a combustion safety test. This test assures us that the unit doesn't leak any carbon monoxide and that is safe to operate.

Your safety is a top priority for our heating and cooling company and we continuously strive to show that by performing these tests that make sure you are being taken care of.

Our technicians have the right tools and equipment and more importantly, the right training, to provide quality furnace repair service!  We also make sure we keep their trucks stocked with plenty of parts.

We put the finishing touches on this job by installing a new thermostat and carbon monoxide detector. That way our customer will be safe and warm for years to come.

Will you call us today to get your furnace repaired... today?

Before Photos

furnace repair whittier flex pipe

After Photo

furnace repair whittier black pipe

Job Details

Location of Job: Whittier, CA
When: Apr 24, 2017
Service Category: Residential
Services Performed: Replaced gas flex with hard pipe
Brief Explanation

In the past, many furnace gas valves were connected to a flexible gas connector. Now code requires a more durable structure. We repaired this furnace in Whittier to bring it up to code for these clients.

The building code requires that installers place a black pipe from the gas valve to the exterior of the furnace cabinet.  Although it sounds odd at first, it is a safety measure that makes sense.

You see, any vibration from the startup of a furnace can cause the connector to rub against other metal parts.

In time this will cause a leak. Leaks from gas furnaces  are especially dangerous because they are combustible and full of carbon monoxide.

Although this is a simple furnace repair here in Whittier, this code is required in most southern California cities now. If your furnace isn't up to code, or you suspect something may be wrong with it, call CWP today.

We can schedule routine maintenance and inspections with follow-up to ensure you have a repaired furnace and will be safe in your home!


Before Photos

hvac whittier ca cwp havc air conditioningIMG_20160527_162644031_HDR-768x1024-768x1024

After Photo

hvac whittier ca cwp havc air conditioningIMG_20160527_162651575_HDR-768x1024-768x1024

Job Details

Location of Job: Whittier, CA
When: Jul 13, 2016
Service Category: Residential
Services Performed: AC Replacement/ Installation
Brief Explanation

It gets hot out here! In the summer time especially, we get many calls to come and inspect AC systems. Sometimes they are clogged, sometimes they are just underpowered, like this home we worked on!

This house just couldn't cool off, even with their original 3 air conditioners! As part of our process, we study out the house and determine the best solutions available. Here, we determined that thee system was uderpowered and needed a larger, more effective (and still efficient!) AC unit to cool the large house it would bee attached to.

After showing the customer the options, they selected this 14 SEER AC Unit. S.E.E.R. stands for "Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio," generally, the higher hte number, the more efficient the unit is at providing a set amount of cooling power.

Anyway, we came in and changed the main system out with this new Goodman system. Now, finally, with a much better AC unit, we were able to get cool air circulating inside of the house!

Before Photos

hvac whittier ca cwp havc air conditioningIMG_20160505_100509471-768x1024-768x1024

After Photo

Job Details

Location of Job: Whittier, CA
When: Sep 9, 2016
Service Category: Commercial
Services Performed: AC Diagnostic, Inspection, Clean
Brief Explanation

Commercial clients need good AC, too! One of our favorite customers had us check out their rooftop system. It had been sending in warm air instead of cool air and it was making lots of "weird noise" per the building manager.

When we got there, we discovered a couple of interesting things in this multi-unit system.

First of all, we did some in-depth diagnostics and discovered a bad compressor and settings that were off. We also found some evidence of rodents that might be causing problems. Eventually, we found the remains of one of these poor critters! It didn't really affect the AC, but the smell must have been horrible before it was mummified.

After we fixed all the problems, this HVAC system was running at high efficiency and cooling off the building like a charm!

Before Photos

hvac whittier ca cwp havc air conditioningIMG_20160505_100804918-768x1024-768x1024hvac whittier ca cwp havc air conditioningcoil-acid-wash

After Photo

hvac whittier ca cwp havc air conditioningdirty_coil_clean_coil_300

Job Details

Location of Job: Whittier, CA
When: Nov 9, 2016
Service Category: Residential
Services Performed: Clean AC Unit
Brief Explanation

Often when we are called out to service an AC all we need to do to get it cooling right again is to clean the unit's coils.

Although this wasn't this exact job, the picture with the technician spraying foam is what this process looks like. In the others pictures you can actually see the results from this customer's house.

The foam really gets in and breaks down dirt, oil and even lichens and moss that might be growing in the coils of your AC.

If you want to prolong the life of your AC system, a foam wash is a fantastic way to do it!

Recent Reviews

Terrie Valenzuela

Whittier, CA

Date: Jul 21, 2017
This company and staff are examplary of what customer service is all about. They go above and beyond in finding a solution to your a/c problem.

"They Go Above And Beyond"

Sean Weiland

Whittier, CA

Date: Jul 21, 2017
I have used CWP several times over the years and every time they are professional, courteous and very helpful. Thanks CWP

"Professional, Courteous And Very Helpful"

Joseph Gutierrez

Whittier, CA

Date: Jun 28, 2017
Called CWP yesterday for my a/c. Wasn't cooling. They sent technician out, that knew what the problem. After trouble shooting, they resolved the problem immediately with a new capacitor. Service was excellent and highly recommend.

"Excellent Service"

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We have technicians that are trained through the National Comfort Institute to perform carbon monoxide and combustion analysis of gas appliances.

It is important to perform a combustion analysis whenever the appliance has maintenance or any modification is made that may affect the combustion process.


1. FAQs About Combustion Analysis


A combustion analysis is performed to improve fuel efficiency, safety of the equipment, conform with manufacturer guidelines, and to determine the amount of undesired emissions produced. Carbon monoxide is poisonous and can cause flu like symptoms or death.

Here are several common FAQs about a combustion analysis we do:

  • Q: Can my furnace be checked for carbon monoxide if it is not working?
  • A: No. The furnace must be operational to test for carbon monoxide. A visual inspection can be done of the heat exchanger/firebox, but a visual inspection does not reveal cracks in hard to see areas.
  • Q: If my furnace is repaired, should a combustion safety test be done?
  • A: Yes, after your furnace is repaired, testing for carbon monoxide and system performance is highly recommended.
  • Q: When should a carbon monoxide test be done?
  • A: Such a test should be done after a new furnace installation, after a furnace has been repaired and if your low level carbon monoxide detector alerts you of the presence of carbon monoxide.
  • Q: Are all carbon monoxide detectors the same?
  • A: No, some carbon monoxide detectors alert at 70 ppm 1-4 hours, will display over 30 ppm and protect only healthy adults. Low level CO monitors will alert at 15 ppm after 5 minutes, display at 5 ppm and protect everyone including young, old and those in poor health.
  • Q: Are all air conditioning companies certified or have the proper equipment for testing?
  • A: No. It is best to ask the company you call out to service your gas appliance if they are certified and if they have the proper equipment to diagnose your equipment.
  • Q: After my furnace is replaced or repaired, what should I expect to receive from the technician indicating that my furnace is safe to operate?
  • A: You should receive a report for the test results or a print-out from the test equipment, if available. You may get both, a print-out and report, of the test results.
  • Q: If I have more questions or concerns about carbon monoxide, who can I contact?
  • A: You can call CWP Heating and Air Inc. at (562) 203-3382 or your local gas company.