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Job Details

Location of Job: Whittier, California
When: Apr 6, 2018
Service Category: Residential
Services Performed: Gas Heating Repair & Red Tag Removal
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Brief Explanation

What Do We Do For This Job?

We performed a repair on a gas heating furnace that had been shut down via red tagging.

What’s Red Tagging?

Whenever a local gas company finds a potentially dangerous situation with a gas furnace or any other potentially hazardous appliance, they will issue a red tag. The gas company will then, as per procedure and federal safety requirements, shut down the unit.

This procedure is commonly known as Red Tagging. It can be done to furnaces, water heaters, electrical panels, and so on. In order to get the unit back up and running safely, a licensed company must perform the necessary repairs correctly.

In this specific customer’s case, they chose us to take charge of repairing their red-tagged gas heating furnace.

Once all of the necessary repairs and replacements for the gas furnace were taken care of, the gas company came back to check out our work, and everything was as fit as a fiddle.

Their gas heating furnace had been successfully repaired and was back on in no time.

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Whittier, CA
Client Testimonial
These guys are great. They have serviced our house for the last two years and they have been incredibly kind, professional, and honest. Highly recommend them. ~ Mark T. - Whittier, CA

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1. Got A Red Tagged Appliance? What Should You Do?


We provide all of our customers with the best options for what next steps they should take if any of their HVAC appliances are Red Tagged and we can help out with any work needed as well.

2. Is Red Tagging A Real Thing?


Yes, it is indeed.

Red Tagging is based on a very serious system that's in place to not only protect your unit from becoming potentially damaged but mainly to protest the well being of you and your loved ones.

It's often highly recommended, or even required, to have a Combustion Analysis conducted after a Red Tag repair is completed as well.

3. What Exactly Is A Combustion Analysis?


Combustion Analysis is used to access the potentially dangerous leaking of Carbon Monoxide.

Carbon monoxide is a severely flammable, poisonous gas that's odorless and tasteless. If it's unknowingly breathed in for an extended period of time, it can lead to flu-like symptoms, headaches, nausea, and potentially even death!

A Combustion Analysis helps by:

* Examining a furnace's fuel efficiency and how to make it work more effectively.

* Test the furnace and its equipment to ensure that everything is safe.

* Reference back to the furnace's manufacturer specific guidelines to see if everything's in the correct working order.

* And primarily, to determine what amounts, if any at all, of hazardous emissions are coming forth from the unit.

4. Can We Test For Carbon Monoxide If A Furnace Isn’t Working?


No, we, or anyone else really, cannot test for Carbon Monoxide if the unit is not in its proper working order.

In order to provide an accurate and effective Carbon Monoxide test, the furnace needs to be at its full functioning capacity before any legitimate readings can be given.

Yes, a brief visual look here and there can help to see if there are any obvious cracks or problems, but this is still not enough to be sure the at the unit is free of any compromising parts or areas.

5. When Are Carbon Monoxide Test Usually Conducted?


Carbon Monoxide testing tends to occur:

- When a brand new furnace has just been installed

- When an older furnace has been repaired

- After a low-level Carbon Monoxide detector alert goes off, warning of the presence of the harmful gas.

6. How Are We The Best At What We Do?


Here at CWP, ALL of our HVAC technicians are Certified by the National Comfort Institue (the standard for all reputable HVAC contractors and technicians.)

Additionally, we pride ourselves on being:

- Combustion Analysis Certified to test and detect trace Carbon Monoxide Levels.

- Residential and Commercial Balancer Certified for all your air balancing needs.

Energy Star Approved Contractors for the analysis and installation of energy efficient HVAC units.

- Economizer Repair and Installation Certified for HVAC units.

We provide most services, repairs, and installations within 24-48 Hours. Many of which are Same Day Services.

We have nearly 3 DECADES of HVAC experience to our name, so we know the common problems and hiccups that can occur within your units.

We also have ★★★★★ Ratings from previous customers who've trusted us with quality repairs, services, and installations that are still continuing to deliver time after time.