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furnace repair whittier flex pipe

Job Details

Location of Job: Whittier, CA
When: Apr 24, 2017
Service Category: Residential
Services Performed: Replaced gas flex with hard pipe
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Brief Explanation

In the past, many furnace gas valves were connected to a flexible gas connector. Now code requires a more durable structure. We repaired this furnace in Whittier to bring it up to code for these clients.

The building code requires that installers place a black pipe from the gas valve to the exterior of the furnace cabinet.  Although it sounds odd at first, it is a safety measure that makes sense.

You see, any vibration from the startup of a furnace can cause the connector to rub against other metal parts.

In time this will cause a leak. Leaks from gas furnaces  are especially dangerous because they are combustible and full of carbon monoxide.

Although this is a simple furnace repair here in Whittier, this code is required in most southern California cities now. If your furnace isn't up to code, or you suspect something may be wrong with it, call CWP today.

We can schedule routine maintenance and inspections with follow-up to ensure you have a repaired furnace and will be safe in your home!


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furnace repair whittier black pipe
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Whittier, CA
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These guys are great. They have serviced our house for the last two years and they have been incredibly kind, professional, and honest. Highly recommend them. ~ Mark T. - Whittier, CA

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