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Job Details

Location of Job: Ontario, CA
When: May 8, 2017
Service Category: Residential
Services Performed: Furnace Repair
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Brief Explanation

We repair a lot of furnaces. Really, we do, even though we are known more for the air conditioning installs and repairs we work on.

Sometimes a furnace is broken because of a failed part, occasionally because of a faulty installation in the first place, and rarely because of damage done to the furnace because of... er, interference. The story here, which is fairly common, is about a failed part.

This customer called us because he was getting annoyed and concerned about a loud sound that was coming from his heating unit when he turned on the heat. He has a rooftop package unit that was disconcerting as the noise reverberated throughout the entire house, sounding like someone hitting his roof with a hammer each time he needed to get warm!

When we arrived, he demonstrated the noise and we got to work right away. Since it happens occasionally, the tech had his suspicions as to what was causing the noise from his furnace. Soon enough, he found the bad ignition module that was causing all the ruckus.

We replaced the ignition module and installed a new retro-fit kit which stopped the noise, but we went a step further than most HVAC companies do when repairing a furnace, we performed a combustion safety test. This test assures us that the unit doesn't leak any carbon monoxide and that is safe to operate.

Your safety is a top priority for our heating and cooling company and we continuously strive to show that by performing these tests that make sure you are being taken care of.

Our technicians have the right tools and equipment and more importantly, the right training, to provide quality furnace repair service!  We also make sure we keep their trucks stocked with plenty of parts.

We put the finishing touches on this job by installing a new thermostat and carbon monoxide detector. That way our customer will be safe and warm for years to come.

Will you call us today to get your furnace repaired... today?

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furnace repair ontario california
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These guys are great. They have serviced our house for the last two years and they have been incredibly kind, professional, and honest. Highly recommend them. ~ Mark T. - Whittier, CA

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