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Before Photos

this isn

After Photo

swamp cooler installation whittier ca

Job Details

Location of Job: Whittier, CA
When: Jan 23, 2017
Service Category: Commercial
Services Performed: Swamp Cooler
Brief Explanation

This winter our neighbors realized that they needed to keep cool this year instead of roasting themselves and their customers this summer.

They called CWP HVAC and we did a full assessment of their property, including how many people would be using the area to be cooled, the volume of air to cool and other things like how much heat would be gained by the roof through being heated up by the sun. Designing a new cooling system isn't easy!

After making several suggestions, La Colmena opted for an evaporative cooler because it fit their needs exactly. Evaporative coolers are also called swamp coolers because they use water to create a cooling effect rather than freon or another refrigerant.

Swamp cooler installations only work in drier climates like the Southwest.

Anyway, they chose a new Phoenix swamp cooler and after making sure it works great, our neighbors have been enjoying a cool environment ever since. So have their customers!

Before Photos

air conditioner repair contactor replacement cerritosair conditioner repair cerritos CA outdoor fan replacement

After Photo

ac repair cerritos

Job Details

Location of Job: Cerritos, CA
When: Apr 3, 2017
Service Category: Residential
Services Performed: Replaced Outdoor Motor Fan & Contactor
Brief Explanation

When your air conditioner breaks down, life becomes pretty uncomfortable fast. That's when you call the HVAC guy.

Kent called us because his air conditioner needed repair in the city of Cerritos. He noticed it wasn't working when a couple of hot days came and though he turned on the AC, it didn't really work.

CWP HVAC came out to his house and immediately we could see that the AC wasn't working for a very specific reason: the contactor and outdoor fan motor were worn out! Although this isn't a common problem with air conditioners, it does trip the circuit causing the AC to not work.

How We Fixed The AC

When the contactor wears out, the only ac repair left is to replace the part with a new one. We did so and also checked for any other potential problems with the AC unit. We then replaced the outdoor fan motor and contactor and the air conditioner has been working ever since.

A couple of days later, we followed up with a visit to ensure that the air conditioner is still working properly. We do this second verification with all of our customers to ensure they have a great experience! Aren't you ready to get your air conditioner repaired?

Before Photos

commercial cooling package in huntington park

After Photo

commercial cooling package in huntington park

Job Details

Location of Job: Huntington Park, CA
When: Dec 22, 2016
Service Category: Commercial
Services Performed: Installed Cooling System
Brief Explanation

Some of our big commercial clients have many air conditioners cooling their warehouses or stores. That was the case with this AT&T air conditioner installation in Huntington Park. We arrived and found that one of the commercial AC units was bad on their roof.

It needed replacement and so a new AC was ordered and we installed it in Huntington Park. Although the cooling system was a Lennox 7.5 ton, it actually isn't much larger in size than most of the commercial systems we install, rather it is more powerful and can cool a much larger volume of air.

Thats a good thing because the space really needed powerful cooling.

Call CWP Heating & Air, Inc. to get your business, or your home, tested and find out what we can do to make a better summer for you!

Before Photos

commercial air conditioner installation whittier ca

After Photo

commercial air conditioner installation whittier ca

Job Details

Location of Job: Whittier, CA
When: Jan 16, 2017
Service Category: Commercial
Services Performed: Installed Commercial Air Conditioner
Brief Explanation

When you have a big space to cool down you need a big AC Unit to handle the work.

When we discussed the needs of our client in Whittier, we really needed to design a solution that would not only handle the work load, but also not be noisy or disruptive in other ways to the day of the client.

To properly select the right air conditioner for installation in a commercial space, we needed to take a few things into account. We determined the average number of people in the space that would be there day in and day out. We of course measured the size, checked the insulation and looked at other heat sources that might affect air conditioning efficiency.

Doing this heat load measurement allowed us to determine a proper-sized calculation for this commercial space. We selected a Lennox 3-Ton commercial machine that really cools down the entire place both quickly and efficiently.

Getting your system designed and installed by proper professionals is key to making sure your system will meet the requirements you have for it. At CWP Heating & Air, Inc. we are dedicated to making sure you get the most value out of your commercial air conditioner system installation.

Before Photos

Air Conditioner Installation in Downey inside

After Photo

Air Conditioner Installation in Downey after 1

Job Details

Location of Job: Downey, CA
When: Apr 1, 2017
Service Category: Residential
Services Performed: Air Conditioner Installation
Brief Explanation

So we installed a Trane XR17, 2 stage, 18 SEER condenser.

What does that even mean?! Well, its a great AC unit to start with. You see, our customer, Dolores, was so tired of being so hot all the time in the summer that she just wanted a whole new air conditioning system installed at her home in Downey.

She called us and after we determined where she was and set an appointment, we arrived at her home to test her current system only to find that it was very underpowered! Her air conditioner wasn't cooling her home down at all and after a thorough inspection found multiple failures in her system.

These things happen on AC units after decades of use and hers was no different. We explained that we could repair the air conditioner, but that would not be the best for her long-term solution.

After going over all the details of what she needed, how large her house is and how often she used the AC, etc, we all determined that she needed a high efficiency AC to keep her house cool, save her a lot of money of the lifetime of her AC unit and prevent thousands of pounds of greenhouse gases being pumped into the air (that's what the SEER rating means).

We also made sure that the air conditioner ductwork handling the air flow for Dolores' home was insulated to prevent heat gain and installed new equipment to make sure her home will stay cool and efficient for years to come.

The long and short of it all means that Dolores and her whole family will be comfortable, cool and enjoying the season with a new air conditioner installation, here in southern California!

If you want a new air conditioner installed in your home, just give us a ring and we'll set up a time to show you what we can do for you, too!

Before Photos

hvac whittier ca cwp havc air conditioningIMG_20160527_162644031_HDR-768x1024-768x1024

After Photo

hvac whittier ca cwp havc air conditioningIMG_20160527_162651575_HDR-768x1024-768x1024

Job Details

Location of Job: Whittier, CA
When: Jul 13, 2016
Service Category: Residential
Services Performed: AC Replacement/ Installation
Brief Explanation

It gets hot out here! In the summer time especially, we get many calls to come and inspect AC systems. Sometimes they are clogged, sometimes they are just underpowered, like this home we worked on!

This house just couldn't cool off, even with their original 3 air conditioners! As part of our process, we study out the house and determine the best solutions available. Here, we determined that thee system was uderpowered and needed a larger, more effective (and still efficient!) AC unit to cool the large house it would bee attached to.

After showing the customer the options, they selected this 14 SEER AC Unit. S.E.E.R. stands for "Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio," generally, the higher hte number, the more efficient the unit is at providing a set amount of cooling power.

Anyway, we came in and changed the main system out with this new Goodman system. Now, finally, with a much better AC unit, we were able to get cool air circulating inside of the house!

Before Photos

hvac whittier ca cwp havc air conditioningIMG_20160505_100509471-768x1024-768x1024

After Photo

Job Details

Location of Job: Whittier, CA
When: Sep 9, 2016
Service Category: Commercial
Services Performed: AC Diagnostic, Inspection, Clean
Brief Explanation

Commercial clients need good AC, too! One of our favorite customers had us check out their rooftop system. It had been sending in warm air instead of cool air and it was making lots of "weird noise" per the building manager.

When we got there, we discovered a couple of interesting things in this multi-unit system.

First of all, we did some in-depth diagnostics and discovered a bad compressor and settings that were off. We also found some evidence of rodents that might be causing problems. Eventually, we found the remains of one of these poor critters! It didn't really affect the AC, but the smell must have been horrible before it was mummified.

After we fixed all the problems, this HVAC system was running at high efficiency and cooling off the building like a charm!

Before Photos

hvac whittier ca cwp havc air conditioningIMG_20160505_100804918-768x1024-768x1024hvac whittier ca cwp havc air conditioningcoil-acid-wash

After Photo

hvac whittier ca cwp havc air conditioningdirty_coil_clean_coil_300

Job Details

Location of Job: Whittier, CA
When: Nov 9, 2016
Service Category: Residential
Services Performed: Clean AC Unit
Brief Explanation

Often when we are called out to service an AC all we need to do to get it cooling right again is to clean the unit's coils.

Although this wasn't this exact job, the picture with the technician spraying foam is what this process looks like. In the others pictures you can actually see the results from this customer's house.

The foam really gets in and breaks down dirt, oil and even lichens and moss that might be growing in the coils of your AC.

If you want to prolong the life of your AC system, a foam wash is a fantastic way to do it!

Recent Reviews


Whittier, CA

Date: Sep 7, 2017
I needed some repairs done on my air conditioning, I called a couple of different places in the area and CWP was the only company to return my call. They sent a technician out and fixed the problem within 3 hours. I strongly recommend CWP, they were very professional and prompt. I am a happy customer, and will use them again.

"Very Professional & Prompt"

Services Provided
AC Repair

Christina Lay

Whittier, CA

Date: Aug 20, 2017
Loved the friendly, honest advice I received from the service men that came to my home. It's rare now a days to find an honest, reliable company. I highly recommend this company!!!!

"Honest, Reliable Company"

Luz Corral

Whittier, CA

Date: Aug 13, 2017
I called CWP to fix my furnace, once it was fixed they determined my furnace was producing low levels of carbon monoxide. Bottom line, I decided to replace my furnace. They did a great job replacing my system and I qualified for $3000 incentives. Thank you for your great work.

"Great Work"

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