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air conditioner repair laguna niguel Damaged rubatex for refrigerant line-sets

Job Details

Location of Job: Laguna Niguel
When: May 24, 2016
Service Category: Commercial
Services Performed: Replaced line-set insulation and installed line-set cover
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Brief Explanation

The AC unit at a local Church Of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints building in Laguna Niguel, CA was broken and didn't provide any sort of cooling for the church. Their meetings were extremely hot and must have resembled more of a sauna than an actual worship service.

After a few insufferable meetings with nothing but heat and people sweating, they contacted CWP HVAC to see what needed to be done to the AC unit. The choice would ultimately be between replacing the AC unit (which would be expensive) or repair the ac unit.

Not wanting to leave this congregation without a functioning AC unit, we quickly sent out one of our best technicians to see if there was any hope left for the air conditioner. Our technician was able to find out that a replacement was not needed. A simple air conditioner repair would suffice.

The church was happy to hear that the repair was going to be simple & quick and that they didn't need to replace the whole air conditioner.

Our technician was able to easily repair the air conditioner by replacing the rubatex covering the refrigerant lines. The old one was damaged due to long exposure to heat.

The people of the church in Laguna Niguel, CA can now enjoy their meetings with a fully repaired air conditioner.

Contact us at CWP by calling (562) 203-3382 to get your quote and your AC unit repaired.

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air conditioner repair Installed new rubatex insulation and cover for line-set
air conditioner repair laguna niguel Installed new rubatex insulation and cover for line-set
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These guys are great. They have serviced our house for the last two years and they have been incredibly kind, professional, and honest. Highly recommend them. ~ Mark T. - Whittier, CA

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