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We Have Served Over 10,000 Customers

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  • My heating and air is not working
  • I need a new HVAC unit installed
  • My furnace is not giving any heat
  • The AC unit is not cooling
  • My HVAC just need to be serviced
  • My ventalation needs cleaning

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When you call will talk to Jay.

He will help you get an appointment as fast as possible.

Whether it's just getting your HVAC unit checked or building a new unit from the ground up, we will help keep a comfortable temperature in your home.

5 Reasons Why You Need Us!

1st: We have serviced over 10,000 customers

2nd: We are members of the NCI (National Comfort Institute)

3rd: In business since 2008

4th: Also we are part of the Edison Program (Energy Star Contractor)

5th: We are Licensed and insured



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Why Choose Us?

1. We have served 1,000s of people

2. Serviced countless HVAC units

3. All of our equipment is professional grade

4. We're in over 10 counties all across the state of California

5. Our employees continuously receive training in HVAC.

We Work All Over Town

We Showcase Some Jobs Here

We work on HVAC systems all over the place, from Riverside to LA, Pasadena to Long Beach and beyond. Sometimes our techs take pictures or even video of the jobs we do and they can be found here!

Take a moment to see some of our jobs and see for yourself some of the things we do to take care of our clients like you.

Here Are 3 Recent Jobs We've Done

Central AC Unit Whittier, CA

Brief Explanation:

CWP is the local team of experts in the HVAC industry.

Be sure to call us for any of your Central AC Unit service and installation needs.

Condenser Replacement Whittier, CA

Brief Explanation:

CWP is the Local HVAC Company that you can trust. We are licensed, insured, experienced and skilled in all aspects of HVAC Repair and Replacement.

Ductwork Replacement in Whittier, CA

Brief Explanation:

We replaced this customers old damaged and leaking ductwork in Whittier. It is important because your health relies on good ductwork!

See More Of Our Work By Clicking 'Pictures' The Menu Bar Above

Let us know if you want to see more pictures, testimonials, or other examples of our work so that you can trust us as your HVAC contractor

Our Customers Love Us!

Read Some Of Their Reviews Below.

Terrie Valenzuela

Whittier, CA

Date: Jul 21, 2017
This company and staff are examplary of what customer service is all about. They go above and beyond in finding a solution to your a/c problem.

Sean Weiland

Whittier, CA

Date: Jul 21, 2017
I have used CWP several times over the years and every time they are professional, courteous and very helpful. Thanks CWP

Joseph Gutierrez

Whittier, CA

Date: Jun 28, 2017
Called CWP yesterday for my a/c. Wasn't cooling. They sent technician out, that knew what the problem. After trouble shooting, they resolved the problem immediately with a new capacitor. Service was excellent and highly recommend.

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Our Objective is to help any locals have the upper hand when it comes to heating and air.

From simple repairs for your HVAC units or even installation of a new HVAC units, our certified workers strive to go above and beyond all of our customer’s expectations.

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C.W.P. Heating & Air

12200 East Washington BLVD Whittier, California 90606


CWP HVAC is a master of all things HVAC.

Whether you need us to install a heating and cooling system for your home, or you need repairs and maintenance for your HVAC system, we are the solution.

We are a local family-operated company which means we are much more responsive to any needs you have.

We install and service all major brands of furnaces, air conditioners, heat pumps, mini split systems, and indoor air quality products.


1. Does CWP HVAC Whittier Offer Financing?


Yes! We offer financing on installations, sure. In fact we offer hero loans under the PACE program. Go to our page on HVAC financing or look at the picture below to read more.central air financingcentral air financing

2. What are SEER Ratings?


The performance of your HVAC system is based on its SEER rating. Higher SEER ratings mean less operating costs. But how accurate are these ratings?

Manufacturers are required to build their new units that meet a minimum SEER rating. The test procedure, as required by the Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Institute (ARI 210/240.48), is at 80° indoor temperature. That means they test the efficiency of the unit as it heats or cools to 80º. Do you always keep your home at 80ºF?

Yeah, me neither.

These ratings are often incorrect or exaggerated for California residents because of our actual climate conditions and indoor temperature preferences. Also, the rating of an outdoor unit can actually be lower depending on what type of furnace and evaporator coil it’s matched with.

Finally, leaky, uninsulated, and under-sized ducts will have an effect on how long your equipment takes to run and reach a certain temperature.

What it all comes down to is this: 90% of companies install equipment without considering any of these significant factors, leaving you with a shiny, new & low-efficiency product plus a higher than needed utility bill.

We at CWP Heating & Air carefully consider the particular conditions of your home in order to choose the properly sized equipment that will return you the best efficiency and comfort that you are looking for.

We examine your home’s layout, it's insulation, and we test for air leakage – factors that contribute to how much energy your system uses and how much money you will ultimately save. With the software tools we use, our designs are approved by SoCalGas and SCE.

Is your home the exact same as your neighbor's? Probably not, yet almost all contractors will treat all homes the same way. CWP doesn't just install air conditioners, swamp coolers and furnaces; instead, our team uniquely designs your HVAC system installation for your home.

What do we offer? Quiet. Comfort. Cost-efficiency.

3. Are Any Rebates Available?



SoCalGas Furnace Rebate Program

The energy-efficiency and reliability of your furnace both depend on the quality of the installation. A poorly installed furnace can hike up your utility bill and shorten the life of the system. CWP Heating & Air is a participating contractor working with SoCalGas on helping customers get the most out of a quality furnace installation. By using us to install a 90% furnace (or higher), SoCalGas will send you a $300 rebate check!

It's that simple.

4. Do You Service Commercial HVAC?


Yes! We do commercial air conditioning service as well as other commercial HVAC services. We also offer long-term maintenance contracts to keep you commercial HVAC system running at peak efficiency and keep it lasting longer, thus saving your business more money in the long-term.

Here is a job we did where we repaired a condenser motor on a commercial HVAC repair in Santa Fe Springs.